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Veil woman: Why do girls fix the veil again and again

Veil woman: Why do girls fix the veil again and again
Veil woman: Why do girls fix the veil again and again

Veil girls- Girls fix their veil in different ways at different times. Most of the time girls are seen fixing their veils in any crowded streets or crowded places. But why is this constantly trying to fix the veil? What do they fix the veil for? What goes through their heads? What are they more concerned about at that time? Many people do not know that.

There is a lot of curiosity about this, especially among boys, for which they try to know in various ways why girls do this. Sometimes he asks his girlfriend or lover. Want to know the real information separately. Most of the time they have to be disappointed, so the curiosity increases. How to reduce interest in knowing this? Is there any way to reduce it? Let's try to find out-

1. Pulling the veil on the head - Many times it is seen that when a boy or an old person comes in front, girls pull the veil on their head. The reason behind this is the values ​​girls learn from their homes. So when someone comes forward in their old age, they pull the veil over their heads out of respect. They are used to growing up in a family with values. It is actually a sign of their politeness.

2. Correcting the veil of the chest – The most easily visible part of the body of girls is their chest. Many times they try to hide themselves from people's evil eye or so that no one else can look at that part of the body by pulling their veil. It is a preventive measure.

3. Uncomfortable times – Girls often play with veils when they are uncomfortable. At that time they move the veil in different ways.

Many people say that there is no meaning to this use of girls many times or even if it is found, there is no point in bothering about that reason.


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