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Adolescent problems and Solutions


Adolescent problems and Solutions
Adolescent problems and Solutions

Adolescent problems-All of us parents worry about how to get through the teenage years well. I will be able to understand from the following discussion whether there is actually cause for concern.

What has changed this time:

  • Sudden changes in body composition
  • Changes due to hormones
  • Mental changes
  • Change in demand

One of the leading causes of death at this age is - boys are 5 times more likely to commit suicide but girls are more likely to attempt it. Suicide has increased manifold in the last two decades. According to various psychologists, various problems of the society like social pressure of studies, alcoholism, drug addiction and family conflicts have increased manifold than before. All these can be the main reasons.

1. Adolescence creates egocentrism. Wants to see the world in his own way, wants to explain, thinks of himself as an authority figure. They don't want to accept others' criticism, they want to catch others' mistakes, they think everyone should pay attention to them, they are the center of attention.

2. Inside is like a kind of sea storm that rushes to present itself with curiosity and eagerness to know the unknown. This curiosity is the main reason for its attraction. Because of this curiosity many people become addicted to drugs, don't see what they like to eat, because of this curiosity they become addicted to drugs and become dangerous. ***Knee pain: Causes, Symptoms and the remedy***

3. Balancing the Rebellion

4. Motorcar driving, driving at abnormally high speed.

5. No knowledge of what one is doing, what are its consequences.

6. Many children fall in love.

7. A sudden change in the use of achkan is observed due to conflict with the father. Because of this, many stubbornly stop going to school. Then the study stopped. Again, the group does not hesitate to cover up very obscene.

8. Can't cope.

When parents should be most concerned:

  • If the child has been absent from school for some time, run away from the school before the examination. bad results
  • Shutting oneself off from friends, relatives, parents.
  • These children are not eating. or overeating.
  • Frequent accidents, misbehaviour. For example, due to his own mistakes, he repeatedly gets into accidents.
  • So what should parents think?

Why teenagers may commit suicide:

Suicide is an event in life where one attempt/one plan/one emotion is sufficient to end life. So, if you ever find that your child is under a lot of pressure to cope socially and academically.

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