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Knee pain: Causes, Symptoms and the remedy

Knee pain Causes, Symptoms and the remedy
 Knee pain Causes, Symptoms and the remedy 

Almost all people of all ages suffer from knee pain at some point in their lives. Especially with increasing age, the knee bones or joints begin to deteriorate. In medical terms, it is called osteoarthritis. Any weight-bearing joint in the hands, feet, or spine can be affected by osteoarthritis. However, being the most important weight-bearing joint of the human body, the risk and tendency of osteoarthritis are highest in the knee.

Osteoarthritis is more likely to occur if the knee is injured, if the knee becomes infected, if the knee is treated improperly, or if there are complications after injury or surgery. The disease is usually more common in older people due to their age. 

Most people in our country do not place a high value on the problem of knee decay or pain in middle age, which should not be the case. According to a study, one in five adults or middle-aged people in the world suffer from arthritis. According to a 2020 survey, more than 4 million people in Bangladesh suffer from knee problems. If proper steps are not taken early, then old age will suffer more. The affected person is unable to perform normal activities, even walking. This may make his diabetes uncontrolled and his blood pressure problems complicated. 

Apart from this, the average life expectancy has increased to 72 years with the increase in the country's population. As a result, the number of patients suffering from long-term diseases like osteoarthritis is increasing, and many have been suffering from the disease for a long time. The lack of adequate medical facilities, advanced technology, medical equipment, and skilled doctors in the country has not yet been fully resolved. As a result, the pressure of caring for so many patients and ensuring their good treatment is increasing day by day. 

Many patients are paralyzed due to arthritis and a lack of treatment. Usually, these patients present with joint pain. occurs in large joints. commonly causes problems in knee joints, hip joints, and neck joints. Osteo-arthritis of the knee usually comes to us with knee pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. If a patient comes in with knee pain, after an initial examination, I suggest simple medication and special exercises.

In some cases, I also suggest surgery as needed. So far, I have done more than a thousand surgeries. These patients have to adhere to several things, such as weight loss and smoking cessation. After that, calcium and vitamin D should be consumed properly to maintain bone density. Physiotherapy and various occupational therapies are available for the joints that are affected, and the joints become functional gradually.

The common people should be made aware. One should be aware of returning the lifestyle to normal and achieving physical fitness. It should be remembered that knee pain, knee erosion, arthritis, etc. will not only affect old age. Rather, it can become a great threat even during the person's youth. So my advice to everyone is to be conscious of your lifestyle from the start and seek medical advice if necessary. 

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